Q: After I fill out the form, what is the next step in the trial process?

A: Once you send your request, a friendly NOMAD associate will reach out to within 1-2 business days you to schedule the best time for your in-office trial. At that time, a trained NOMAD representative will visit your office with a NOMAD handheld X-Ray for your free trial.


Q: Is NOMAD approved for use in my State?


Q: Where can we get training to use the device?


Q: What do I do if I want to buy a NOMAD after trying it?


Q: What imaging device can be used with NOMAD?

A: NOMAD works equally well with digital sensors, phosphor plates and traditional
film X-Ray. Exposure times vary depending on the device used.


Q: How do I get the best image quality with NOMAD?

A: The NOMAD comes with preset exposure times specific to the media being used, however, these times can be adjusted to create the optimal exposure if images come out light or undefined. Also, it’s best to have the NOMAD close and almost touching
the patients cheek when taking the X-Ray. If your office uses a positioning device, the rod will need to be shortened to allow the NOMAD backscatter shield to be flush with the positioning ring itself. (Often owners find NOMAD so easy to position that they eliminate the positioning device altogether.)


Q: Is NOMAD safe?


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