“When I built my office I had to decide whether to use wall mounted X-Ray machines or go with the NOMAD hand held X-Ray. Now that we are using the NOMAD on a daily basis, I am very glad that I chose to use it. One NOMAD saved me money in construction costs vs. the cost of multiple wall mounted X-Ray machines for a 4-operatory solution we have in our practice. Very well worth it!”

- Joseph Hidalgo, DDS

 Plano, TX

“We are happy NOMAD users! In fact, we loved the first one so much we got a second NOMAD. My staff considers them the only way to take radiographs.”

- Marty Jablow, DMD

  Woodbridge, NJ

“The NOMAD is the best X-Ray unit I know for taking X-Rays during more difficult procedures such as root canals and implants. It takes excellent quality images, it’s more convenient, and it saves me time. I no longer have to the move the chair or manipulate the patient to get the X-Ray position I need. I feel safe using the NOMAD as I have worn X-Ray exposure badges for several months and have not had any radiation readings. It has been a great addition to our practice”

- Eileen Bidstrup, Dental Assistant

Vogel Dental, Provo, UT

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